Another EasyQuit System Testimonial

Dear Peter Howells

When I purchased your book I have to admit, I was not sure it would work! I have been wanting to quit and have tried before and have failed.

Knowing that smoking is very harmful to my health especially since I have smoke for 30 years and my children being very concerned having asked me many times to quit One day I told myself I have to find a way to quit!

I went to my computer mad; I typed in “stop smoking”. Of course many websites popped up. How would I choose?

To make a long story short I landed on your EasyQuit Systemâ„¢. I will be honest. I did not think it would work but it did!

I had to read the book two times before I understood all the points you were making. Being able to smoke and following your direction when smoking I feel was the key that let me out of my prison. So now I am free!!!

I did not tell my children what I was doing until I was sure it would work. But when I did they were so happy they cried happy tears. I have three girls and I thank God for your book and you taking the time to write it. It changed my life. I had my eureka moment, feeling “I am free!”

I want to thank you so much! My girls wanted me to say thank you for them too. This book was worth every penny I spent!

Helen Dunning