The Great American Smokeout

The third Thursday of November is coming and so here comes the Great American Smokeout, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and a huge contributor toward overall cancer rates in America and Europe so it is noble that the American Cancer Society run this event to help people get off the smokes. However, there is a side point about being a smoker and being told a specific day is the day when you should try to quit.

In the UK, there is the national no smoking day and do you know what? It makes not the slightest difference to most smokers because smokers do not try to quit smoking ‘en masse’ because anti-smoking organisations want them to. Smokers quit (successfully) when they are good and ready and prepared.

On national no smoking day in the UK, the office blocks still have the smoking hoards outside them, shivering in the cold. Being told ‘today is the day’ isn’t going to wash it, particularly on any old day in November when there isn’t a reason to quit. What’s more, smokers smoke because they are addicted to nicotine and going a whole day without it is a tedious and irritable experience for most smokers. Quitting smoking for one day is a bit like getting a hangover. It is uncomfortable, unnecessary but at least the next day you feel normal again!

Your best bet are to attempt a quit on a day when there is a significant reason for you to quit such as your birthday, new year, your wedding anniversary or your child’s birthday or Armistice Day or the 4th of July or Thanksgiving. Quitting on a random day in November is not a poingnant enough reason to stop.

What’s more, trying to quit without having learned how to quit is quite a futile process and leads to 95% of quitters failing which erodes confidence and hope. My advice is to quit when you are good and ready and have mustered up the reasoning and determination to quit. Also, make sure you have planned how to go about it, or learned from a process such as the EasyQuit System how to make quitting easy and painless.

If you are going without a smoke on the smokeout, good luck and if you are going to try and quit, even more luck to you! Never stop trying to quit.